Our Mission:

Using multiscale dynamic imaging and biomechanics to learn how lung structures move, stretch, and transport gas during breathing and mechanical ventilation.


  • American Thoracic Society

    2024 May

    Dan Meggo presented a poster entitled Lung-Protective Ventilation Strategies Informed by Alveolar Recruitment Dynamics.

    Dan was also awarded the Underrepresented Trainee Development Scholarship.  Congrats!

    Jacob Herrmann presented two posters entitled:

    [1] Virtual Clinical Trial of Automated Inspired Oxygen Titration to Prevent Desaturation During Sudden Pathophysiological Disturbances

    [2] Mechanical Ventilation Modality Influences Intratidal Gas and Blood Volume Dynamics: Experimental Demonstration of Dynamic Dual-Energy CT.

  • Engineering Research Open House

    2024 April

    Dan Meggo and Mihiret Redi both won awards for Best Graduate Student Poster in BME.  Congrats!

  • Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport

    2023 June

    Dan Meggo presented a talk entitled Quantifying Temporal Dynamics Of Alveolar Recruitment During Mechanical Ventilation.

    Jacob Herrmann presented a talk entitled Plasticity And Avalanche Failure In Computational Models Of Pulmonary Collagen-Elastin Fiber Networks.